How to Avoid Lawsuits in Business Investing: A Talk With Garrett Sutton and Tom Wheelwright


Asset protection is a crucial component to a successful investment strategy. But how exactly do you avoid lawsuits in business investing? Our very own Garrett Sutton recently spoke to Tom Wheelwright, CPA, about this very topic. Check out their discussion about how to properly set up your business to protect yourself from unnecessary lawsuits. Together, they dive into:

02:49 – Why Do You Want To Avoid Court?

05:52 – What Protections Do Insurance And Entities Offer?

10:08 – What Are The Risks Of Using Online Legal Services?

13:09 – What’s The Difference Between An LLC & A Corporation?

21:08 – What Advantages Do Living Trusts Offer?


Give it a listen and let us know what resonated with you most!


Avoiding lawsuits in business investing