The Supreme Court of Florida took away a key asset protection benefit in deciding Olmstead v. Federal Trade Commission (SC 01-109, Fla. June 24, 2010). Before the ruling a charging order was the exclusive remedy, whereby the judgment creditor (the person who won a lawsuit) could only receive distributions from the LLC. Now, a judgment creditor may directly seize the ownership interest of a member in a single member LLC.

The Olmstead decision allows Florida courts to order a judgment debtor to surrender all right, title and interest in the debtor’s single member Florida LLC to satisfy a judgment. Prior to the ruling many had believed that Florida law provided that the charging order was the exclusive creditor remedy.

Not anymore.

Multi member Florida LLC owners should be very concerned by this decision. Writing a dissent in the 3-2 decision Justice Lewis warned that the Olmstead ruling means that the charging order is a non exclusive remedy for all LLCs, whether single or multi member.

Justice Lewis wrote: “The majority opinion now eliminates the charging order remedy for multi member LLCs under its theory of “nonexclusivity” which is a disaster for those entities.”

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And remember, asset protection is an ever changing area of the law. The Olmstead case was decided in a way that allowed another government agency – The Federal Trade Commission – to collect. Of course, the case now applies to the benefit of all creditors. In a dynamic field it is important to stay current on the latest cases, and move accordingly.