corporate veil

Your corporate veil is important.  It protects your personal assets as well as your company’s assets. As you continue in business, take a minute to review some of the maintenance actions that keep your veil of incorporation strong.

7 Questions to Check Your Veil of Incorporation

  • Are you keeping complete corporate records of all decisions?
  • Are you and your directors (or shareholders) remembering to present the world with corporate notice and signing all documents with corporate title?
  • Are all annual state and local filings up to date?
  • Are corporate formalities in place, including having a registered agent within the state(s) of incorporation and qualification?
  • Is the corporation sufficiently capitalized, with its own bank account(s)?
  • Are you making certain you keep personal and corporate assets separate?
  • Will you be filing a separate tax return for your corporate entity?

Basic asset protection is not enough anymore. You must take the necessary steps throughout your entity’s history to ensure that your corporate veil is strong, secure and, above all, protective. We have begun a new service at Corporate Direct to help you clean up your corporate records. For more information, check out this corporate clean-up service.