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Watch Garrett Sutton’s interview with Chris Coraggio of the Social Television Network Garrett Sutton discusses incorporating as an entrepreneur and Garrett Sutton’s newest book, Toxic Client.

Sutton explains that as an entrepreneur it’s important to protect yourself and your personal assets by separating them from your business. Without proper protection, you could be putting yourself at risk.

In Toxic Client, Sutton writes about identifying problem clients and how to avoid them, using real life examples he has witnessed during his many years as a corporate attorney.

Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding Problem Customers

Critics’ Reviews

“This is a must-read for client-based businesses.” (read review)
US Review of Books
“Sutton crafted an incredible guidebook here…” 
Pacific Book Review
“An engaging, empowering business protection guide.” (read review)
Kirkus Review

Difficult customers are a staple of business, but what if a customer refuses to pay, insults or threatens employees, or makes unreasonable demands? In such cases, the customer not only isn’t right, but is a Toxic Client who has the ability to bleed a business dry.

TOXIC CLIENT: Knowing And Avoiding Problem Customers, by corporate lawyer Garrett Sutton, equips business owners with the knowledge to detect and avoid Toxic Clients before they poison the business. The book distils what Sutton has learned from advising owners on corporate legal structures – where he has heard some of the horror stories first-hand – into case studies that illustrate the do’s and don’ts of dealing with toxic customers.