Finally! After a great deal of work, we have just re-released my book on corporations and asset protection in the Rich Dad’s Advisor series. For those of you who have been waiting, here is the link.

The new and wonderfully updated version is now called “Start Your Own Corporation.” If you remember the previous book, “Own Your Own Corporation,” you may be asking why the change?

Well here is why. We have decided to expand “Own Your Own Corporation” into two volumes, “Start Your Own Corporation” and “Run Your Own Corporation.” “Start Your Own Corporation” deals with start up issues while “Run Your Own Corporation” deals with how to maintain and properly run your entity once it is formed.

We have done this because so many people said to me, “Okay, I have set up my entity. Now what do I do?”

Run Your Own Corporation” covers the important issues you face as you operate your corporation or LLC in those first and crucial formative years. “Run” shows you how to prevent your corporate veil from being pierced, so that you can maintain your own limited liability protection. “Run” will be an excellent companion to “Start.” (Once I finish it! I am several weeks from completion.)

For now, please enjoy the revised and updated “Start Your Own Corporation.” Once again, you can buy it from Amazon here.