Are you thinking of starting a new business? Each new business starts with a dream that, in your mind, becomes a plan. The most successful plan is not the one that is a rough draft in your head, but the plan that transitions to paper, the plan that can be analyzed and revised. A good business plan lets you see your business’s strengths and weaknesses before you ever open your doors. Many problems are addressed and resolved in the planning, creating a more successful business venture.

But each business plan has a price.  Most people want successful businesses but are not willing to first invest the time.  They want get rich quick schemes and often start businesses without basic skills. Most people do it “their way” instead of investing in the study of their proposed business and the building of a team of competent advisors.

Great business plans come from entrepreneurs willing to delay immediate gratification.  They take risks and invest the time and energy necessary to gain relevant experience and education.  They are not afraid of making mistakes or failing because mistakes and failure equal experience.  They start small and build, recognizing experience leads to greater ability.  After paying the price, true entrepreneurs gain the knowledge to build a winning plan and winning business.

Now that you know the importance of taking the time to plan, I will post tips each week for the next few weeks to help you begin creating your own  business plan. And for more information, read my book Writing Winning Business Plans.