How many are winning with franchises today? The numbers are impressive. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 franchise outlets in the United States generating almost $150 billion in annual sales.
With those numbers the question becomes: Is franchising right for you? Which is followed by the second question: Are you a Franchisee or a Franchisor?
This article will explore both issues.

  • In Part I, we’ll explore signing up as a Franchisee.
  • In Part II we’ll discuss starting your own business as a Franchisor.
  • In Part III, we’ll look at what is in a Franchise Disclosure Document.

Please know that laws do change. While this article is current as of the date it is written, new laws affecting franchising are brought forth all the time.
Be sure to work with your legal advisor to make sure you are conducting business according to the most up to date rules and regulations.

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