Marketing includes identifying appropriate markets and customers, getting to know the competition, planning for efficient and effective distribution, establishing relationships (with distributors, sales staff, advertisers, customers, and the like), identifying and implementing appropriate advertising, awareness of industry and market trends and finding the perfect strategy for your business, including pricing, packaging and positioning. Marketing is the systematic process that inspires targeted customers to take action and buy your product and service.

Marketing is obviously more than just an ad campaign. Marketing relates to every aspect of your business. From the design of your package to the conduct of your sales staff to the promptness of delivery to the efficiency of your customer service – everyone who works for you is involved with marketing because everyone is involved with making the sale. Your business lives and dies on sales. Your employees owe their jobs to those sales. They must be energetic.  A salesman minus enthusiasm is just a clerk. Everyone in the company needs to remember that bottom-line reality. Everyone must be selling.