By Garrett Sutton, Esq.

Using the right entity is an important decision, so we’ve put together this report to help you make the correct choice. Click here to read more.

Three reasons to use a Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership for real estate investments: After searching the market for the perfect piece of real estate, you have found property that will satisfy your needs and give you future opportunities. Now is the time to be concerned about protecting yourself from the risks involved in property ownership. Click here to read more.

Taxes and kids: It comes as a surprise to some parents that their children may have to file a tax return. Although [most] minor children are dependents of their parents, they are subject to taxes if they receive income. Click here to read more.

Dynasty Trusts: Click here to read more.

Trademarks: What is the difference between Patents, Trademarks, Servicemarks, and Copyrights? It is common for people to confuse patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Although there may be some similarities among these kinds of intellectual property protection, they are different and serve different purposes. Download our Winning With Trademarks for free to learn more.

Franchise: Many people are interested in franchises, read our FREE e-book Winning With Franchises or call 1-800-700-1430 to arrange an attorney consultation.

Nevada Asset Protection Trusts: Are you interested in outstanding asset protection but uncomfortable with the costs and red flags of using offshore trusts? Then read on about Nevada’s new onshore asset protection trust. Click here to read more.