Find Out Today if your Entity is Legally Compliant and in Good Standing.

Watch this video to learn about how to ensure your organization is legally compliant. If not, we can help with a Corporate Cleanup.


Using a corporation, LLC or Limited Partnership for asset protection purposes is a smart first step. But, for it to keep protecting you and your assets, you must follow all of the corporate formalities and legal requirements. Without following the requirements, a lawsuit against your business could cost your house, savings and more.

But if you haven’t done so, or are concerned about just where you stand, fear not! If Corporate Direct provides registered agent service for your entity, we will review your corporate, LLC or LP status and give you a quote for cleaning up your filings and corporate documents. We will work with you to make sure your corporate veil of protection is complete and protecting you.

Some requirements include:

  • Perform all annual filings
  • Maintain a registered agent in your state of formation and any state the entity is qualified to do business in
  • Provide the world with corporate notice
  • Minutes (or records of meetings) recorded
  • Shares or Certificates have to be issued
  • Loans have to be documented

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With our $95 Corporate Cleanup service you get an assessment checklist, compliance audit, the preparation of one set of minutes and a quote for the additional work necessary to prepare any missing documents and/or state filings.

Your entity was created to provide asset protection. Find out today if your entity is legally compliant and in good standing.

With a Corporate Cleanup you will get:

  • Compliance Audit
  • Assessment Checklist
  • One Set of Minutes
  • Quote for Any Additional Work Needed: You will work with a designated Corporate Direct Incorporating Specialist who will determine your entity’s needs and provide you with a quote to prepare necessary documents and/or process state filings. A registered agent fee will be included in the quote if Corporate Direct is not currently providing registered agent service. Our goal is to help you remedy any non-compliance issues so that your entity provides the protection it was intended to.
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We will get back to you with a quote for what the complete clean-up will cost if more than one year’s minutes are needed. We will also let you know about our annual maintenance service so that you remain protected. We look forward to helping you.