Bulletproof Asset Protection: Our $50,000 Guarantee

Bulletproof Plan

We are confident in our ability to protect you from personal liability in the event of a lawsuit. If Corporate Direct forms and maintains your entity, and you subscribe to the Bulletproof Protection Plan, we will pay up to $50,000 on any claim that pierces the corporate veil.

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The importance of a corporation’s ability to protect its owners and their personal assets from litigation CANNOT be overstated. But beware: If annual corporate filings and meeting minutes are not maintained in a timely and proper manner, courts can hold YOU, the entity’s owner, personally responsible for claims filed against the company.

That is where Corporate Direct comes in. While you’re busy running your company, we’ll stay on top of your corporate filing requirements. We’ll alert you to every deadline and attend to every detail, to ensure your corporation is properly and legally maintained. Should laws or filing requirements change, we’ll make sure your company is up to speed and your corporate veil is securely intact.

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Our $50,000 Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to protect you from personal liability in the event of a lawsuit, that we offer the following guarantee: Hire Corporate Direct, Inc. to form and maintain your corporate entity, and we will pay up to $50,000 on any claim that pierces the corporate veil.¹

¹ Of course, certain terms and conditions apply.

How many claims have we had to pay over the past couple of decades? Zero.

Corporate Direct, Inc. is very thorough. We’re serious about protecting clients who hire us to form/maintain their corporate entities. Purchase our Bulletproof Protection Plan and we will serve as your registered agent and corporate minute preparation provider to ensure ALL of the legal formalities are met. Guaranteed.

Bulletproof Protection Plan

Our turnkey package, offered only to entities that Corporate Direct formed and provides registered agent services to, bundles the critical services and support needed to keep state filings current and legal protections intact.


Bulletproof Package

Preferred Client Cost – $487 ($930 Value)

Registered Agent$125
Annual Minutes$150
Unlimited Phone/Email Support$300
Unlimited Resolution Documents$200
Tax Reminder Service$120
Annual Filing Service$ 35
$50,000 Guarantee & Peace of Mind Priceless

*Plus state filing fees.
** If you qualified in another state the Bulletproof Package is an additional $195 plus the state filing fees.

If we formed your entity, for the first year in business you already have the protections of the Bulletproof Package put in place automatically by us. But, this service does not continue into the following years unless you request it. Please let us know if you would like us to continue this service by contacting your incorporation specialist or calling us.

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