This great offer comes from my friend Blair Singer, a fellow Rich Dad Advisor on Sales and Team Building and a world renowned international speaker and facilitator. Blair is offering a special “early bird discount” to his upcoming Sales Explosion Program. You have the opportunity to receive a savings of $1,500 if you act quickly.

This 4th of July, Take the First Steps to Becoming Financially Independent

On the 4th of July, all across the United States, freedom is celebrated as part of Independence Day. Freedom means different things to different people…

But one thing we can ALL agree on is that financial freedom goes hand-in-hand with everything that Independence Day stands for.

When things at your business are going great…when you’re making consistent sales…everything becomes a little better.

You enjoy more:

  • Freedom of choice.
  • Freedom of opportunity.
  • Freedom to decide what you do with your time.

And in the spirit of freedom, Blair Singer, a fellow Rich Dad Advisor, is offering a special “early bird discount” to his upcoming Sales Explosion Program.

If you register by July 7th, you will get access for just $495… That’s $1500 off the regular price!

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The Sales Explosion Program follows a completely different format from every other wealth building program. Most seminars offer “advice.” The Sales Explosion Program is based on results. Blair actually walks you through sales and wealth building systems live and in person and has you apply his content in the program so you get to experience immediate results!

So… you’ll be there at the seminar making sales LIVE on the conference room floor…

In one of Blair’s recent programs, participants sold $850,000 in just 10 minutes…

Seriously,there’s nobody else out there who has the confidence in their systems to actually do that. And, in addition to giving you the opportunity to learn “hands on” at the conference, you will also learn how to:

  • Create income in any economy…even when most people are struggling.
  • Ignite the “law of attraction” and have people lining up to do business with you!
  • Handle ANY objection… Turn “No’s” into enthusiastic “YES’s” and close more sales.
  • TRIPLE your income by changing just ONE number in your business.
  • Master the 5 secrets for exploding income in minutes… Actually make money LIVE while physically inside the seminar (nobody else I’m aware of does this).

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Promo Code: SEP2015GS

Register and enter the code by July 7th and save $1500!

What Past Attendees Are Saying:

“Last year in my professional speaking business, I made $387.50 gross. After attending Blair Singer’s Sales Explosion training event, my first sale netted over $5000. How exciting is that!!!!! Thank you so much for training me how to achieve this kind of result.”
– Jeannie Cisco-Meth

“Blair has been absolutely fantastic. If you come here, you’re going to get extreme value from what Blair teaches. I couldn’t recommend it anymore highly.”
– Ian Jackson

Take The First Steps To Make More Money And Enjoy A Better Life!

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level, a sales rep who wants to earn more revenue, or a person who wants to better communicate your ideas or views, Blair’s Sales Explosion Program could change your life.

This is the only program I’m aware of that offers genuine immersion…the only program that can boast attendees who have sold $850,000 live on the conference room floor.

As a sales trainer, Blair is in the results business.

When he gets on stage, he doesn’t deliver “ideas,” Blair delivers practical solutions.

When you attend the Sales Explosion Program, you will get those solutions given to you straight from the horse’s mouth. And if you register by July 7th, you can claim it all for the ridiculously low “early bird” price of $495 (that’s 75% OFF)!

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Click here to register now for just $1995 $495!

Use Promo Code: SEP2015GS

Register and enter the code by July 7th and save $1500!

Garrett Sutton

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