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Incorporating can protect personal assets, create tax advantages and more. But only when done right. Get expert advice that considers your assets, state laws and the reason you’re incorporating. Get an Incorporation Start-Up Kit today.

Getting Started is Easy

Get incorporated with asset protection in 4 easy steps.



We’ll guide you through incorporating to best protect your assets. Fill out our easy online form or call 1-800-600-1760 for a free 15-minute consultation.


We conduct a preliminary name check to see whether the business name you’ve selected is available in your state of formation or qualification.


We file your documents to incorporate your business with the Secretary of State and provide the required registered agent service.

Receive Your Documents

Once you are registered with the state, we’ll send you the complete corporation package. You’ll also receive a free year of registered agent services.

Get a Free Asset Protection Plan

Get expert advice that considers your assets, state laws and the reason you are incorporating. Not sure whether you should set up an LLC or corporation? We’ll answer that. Get a free customized plan designed for you.

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Garrett Sutton’s Corporate Direct

Corporate Direct’s founder Garrett Sutton is a corporate attorney, best-selling author and one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad’s Advisors. He has sold more than 900,000 books to guide entrepreneurs and investors. For more than 30 years, Garrett Sutton has run his practice assisting others in protecting assets and maximizing financial goals.


Every corporation and LLC must have a registered agent in their state of formation and in any state the company qualifies to do business in. The registered agent ensures you receive all important legal documents such as notice of a lawsuit. We provide registered agent service for all 50 states.
Call 1-800-600-1760 for more information.

Start A Business

Our incorporation service will give you the confidence that your asset protection has been set up right. Reduce your personal liability by separating your business and personal assets. Add new owners or investors while maintaining control of the company.
Call today for a complimentary quote: 1-800-600-1760.

Run a Business

Maintaining paperwork for your corporation, LLC or LP is important. A failure to have it in place can lead to unlimited personal liability, meaning a lawsuit could cost you your business, house, retirement savings and more. Ensure you’re properly maintaining your business. While you’re busy running your company, we’ll stay on top of your corporate filing requirements. To have your legal standing checked and secured by professionals, click here. 

Protect Investments

If you’re a investor, you know how important it is to protect your assets. Talk to one of our Incorporation Specialists to get a custom asset protection plan that takes into account your unique situation, state laws and best practices.
Get a FREE 15-minute consultation. Call 1-800-600-1760 today!

Get Education and Training

Garrett Sutton has been the golden standard for making legalese easy to understand. Become the expert through books & training.

Garrett Sutton’s Books

Garrett Sutton is a corporate attorney, asset protection expert and best selling author. His books, videos and trainings have helped millions change the way they they think about business, asset protection and investing. Get a financial education.
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From Our Clients
Don’t take our word for it… See what our clients have to say.
“Garrett Sutton is my corporate advisor for asset protection and privacy strategies. I highly recommend the services he and his staff at Corporate Direct provide. If it hadn’t been for Garrett’s protection years ago, I’d have lost everything… I trust Garrett implicitly.” Robert Kiyosaki

Best Selling Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Corporate Direct is all about quality service. The account representatives and staff helped me through the entire process. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Shiela Russell

Atlanta, Georgia

Corporate Direct made it so easy for me during a stressful time. You took care of all the paperwork and filing and all I had to do is sit back and wait for my corporation papers to come in the mail. I would not know the first thing to do to set up my corporation or where to file. You made it so easy to get my business license in California. Now I know I have the security of owning a company with all the right papers and was also able to set up my new bank account without a problem. I will always use your services. Thank you again. Johnathan Flores

President, Flores Group Publications, Inc

I am a Canadian who invests in real estate in the US, mainly in Chicago and South Florida. I heard about you through Robert Kyosaki’s books and I created my last two entities with your business, Corporate Direct. I like reading your articles and watching videos of your content and I know my entities will be structured correctly with Corporate Direct. I am looking to have the best protection for my partners and I in every deal I am buying and also have the right entity structure for Canadians to avoid double taxation. Thank you for your great service! Darick Ste-Marie

Real Estate Investor of DSM Investment Group

Corporate Direct does an excellent job with complex and multiple entity structures. They know how to provide real estate investors with maximum asset protection. Curtis Oakes

Real Estate Coach and Investor

I appreciate the fact that if you need an attorney to help you with your structuring, Corporate Direct will refer you to one. The other incorporation service I tried said I didn’t need an attorney, which didn’t make sense to me. Instead, Corporate Direct scheduled an appointment with attorney Kathy Spitzer and in half an hour, for just $175.00, we arrived at a beneficial plan for how I should proceed. Thanks for your professionalism. Jane Newton

Seattle, Washington

Let me say that Cammie and Jennifer and the rest of the staff at Corporate Direct are very much worth a few dollars more. I was set up properly and efficiently; and am now confident in my protection. You definitely get what you pay for. John Rodriquez

Ogden, Utah

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