Corporate Cleanup – CALL BEFORE ORDERING





CALL OUR OFFICE BEFORE ORDERING to ensure we have all the correct information to get your corporation clean – 1-800-600-1760.

With our $95 Corporate Cleanup service you get an assessment checklist, compliance audit, the preparation of one set of minutes and a quote for the additional work necessary to prepare any missing documents and/or state filings.

Your entity was created to provide asset protection. Find out today if your entity is legally compliant and in good standing.  

With a Corporate Cleanup you will get:

  • Compliance Audit
  • Assessment Checklist
  • One Set of Minutes
  • Quote for Any Additional Work Needed: You will work with a designated Corporate Direct Incorporating Specialist who will determine your entity’s needs and provide you with a quote to prepare necessary documents and/or process state filings. A registered agent fee will be included in the quote if Corporate Direct is not currently providing registered agent service. Our goal is to help you remedy any non-compliance issues so that your entity provides the protection it was intended to.

If you are a Corporate Direct registered agent client, or you wish to become one, you can purchase your first set of annual minutes for just $95.00. We will include a checklist to assess if there are other areas you may need to address in order to protect your Corporate Veil.

Not sure what “good standing” is? Read this article about it here.

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