Like many, who have gotten off track for various reasons/excuses, it takes an action plan, and discipline to get on track. I’m a single mom, with a great job-elem. teacher, great kids, great physical health, living day to day and not making a dent into my credit card debt. Sure, I make all payments, even get them auto. withdrawn monthly and pay more than the minimum, but still find myself staring a dark tunnel. After checking your book out yesterday from the library, and voraciously reading and taking notes, the solution is all crystal clear. I devised the plan in paying off my 3 credit cards; a plan that finally makes sense, and I should be debt-free (20,000.00- so nauseating!) in exactly 1 year from now. So, a simple thank you, for writing such a no nonsense book, and not making the reader feel like they’ve failed.