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What is a Registered Agent?

Every corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership must have a registered agent (also known as a “resident agent,” “statutory agent” or “agent of process”) in their state of formation and in any state the company qualifies to do business in. The registered agent ensures you receive all important legal documents such as service of process (meaning a notice of a lawsuit) and official governmental notices.

Fast, International Service — Be Notified by Email or Mail

In the case of a lawsuit, it is important to be notified as soon as possible since most states only allow you 30 days to answer the complaint. Without an answer, you will typically lose the case. It is important to deal with a professional, established company who will get notices to you promptly. We have been providing this critical service service for 27 years and helped more than 10,000 clients (see testimonials). For our globe trotting clients, we can email the important notifications to you, instead of waiting for the mail to catch up with you.

We also have discounted pricing when you purchase multiple years up front. Let us help you with this important corporate requirement.

How Our Registered Agents Notify You

Official (county, state, federal) mail is forwarded to you at no charge when Corporate Direct is appointed as your registered agent.

Whether it is official mail or business correspondence, you may select to have your mail forwarded by regular postal mail, or we can scan and email non-sensitive mail to you. Due to postal delays, our international clients appreciate having their correspondence emailed to them. Some clients even choose to provide Corporate Direct with their FedEx account number to have mail expedited.

Our friendly staff is always willing to help if you are traveling and require special mail handling, like a mail hold or a temporary forwarding address.

Don’t Settle for Low Quality Registered Agent Service

We’ve been in business for 27 years and helped more than 10,000 clients. Some mom-and-pop registered agent service companies may go out of business, and not let their clients know, resulting in the loss of important legal documents and notifications. Or they may be slow to alert their clients of important documents and served papers. With lawyers on staff, Corporate Direct knows the importance of getting notice immediately, and will communicate with you as soon as we receive notification.

Additional Service: Address Service in NV, CA & WY

Corporate Direct also offers Address Service as an optional and additional service, which allows you use of a physical Nevada, Wyoming or California address for your entity’s business correspondence. Address Service allows you to:

  • Use the address on your business cards, checks, invoices, advertising, company website, stationery and letterhead.
  • Provide your banks, lenders, customers, vendors, etc. with Corporate Direct’s physical address so that mail arrives in our office, keeping your contact information confidential.
  • Weekly confidential mail forwarding.
  • You will not receive junk mail.

Please note: Magazines, catalogs and/or packages are not forwarded as part of this program. Forwarding packages that arrive in error at our address are subject to an additional package handling fee.

What Garrett Sutton’s Corporate Direct Stands For

The Corporate Direct team follows the tenants of our founder Garrett Sutton, a corporate attorney, asset protection expert and best selling author who has sold more than 850,000 books that guide entrepreneurs and investors. Garrett is also a member of the elite group of “Rich Dad Advisors” for bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki. We love enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful. That is why each time a client hires us to incorporate a new business we include the free book Bulletproof Your Corporation and we seek to make this website a resource.

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