“How to Use Limited Liability Companies & Limited Partnerships” By Garrett Sutton

How to Use Limited Liability Companies & Limited Partnerships
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For 35-plus years Garrett Sutton has advised businesses and individuals on how to limit their liability, protect their assets, and advance their financial and personal goals. Now he has updated, yet again, his comprehensive book on maximizing the benefits of limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

The strategic use of LLCs and LPs to hold real estate and other assets and to operate businesses is very important in our litigious society. This 4th edition features important updates on new laws, single member LLCs, series LLCs and key formalities.

Corporate Direct forms and maintains LLCs, LPs and corporations in all 50 states. It is owned and operated by best selling author, attorney Garrett Sutton.

Critic Review

“The book is written in clear, cogent everyday language augmented by helpful examples. For anyone contemplating the formation of an LLC or LP, Sutton’s book is a valuable resource.”
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You will learn how to:

  • Select the right entity for your specific needs.
  • Follow the rules to keep your assets protected.
  • Creatively plan your future and your families future.
  • Easily manage and operate an LLC or an LP.
  • Strategically use entities to hold real estate and other assets.
How to Use Limited Liability Companies & Limited Partnerships   How to Use Limited Liability Companies & Limited Partnerships

Praise from Readers

“This book can help you to be rich. It is a must read for those wanting to protect their wealth.”
– Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of the international best seller, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“I highly recommend this book. Every asset I own has its own protection and each investment is individually protected. If you are going to hold assets you need to implement the strategies clearly discussed in this excellent book.”
– Ken McElroy, best selling author of “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing” and “The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing”

“Garrett Sutton has written an excellent overview of asset protection strategies allowing you to protect your life’s work. I recommend that all my clients read this book.”
– Gary Gorman, best selling author of “Exchanging Up! How to Build a Real Estate Empire Without Paying Taxes…Using 1031 Exchanges.”

About the Author

Garrett Sutton, Esq. has assisted individuals and business owners to protect their assets and limit their liability for more than 30 years. Garrett is a Rich Dad Advisor, lecturer, and best-selling author of Start Your Own Corporation and Loopholes of Real Estate, among others. He has sold more than 850,000 books to guide entrepreneurs and investors. He also is the Founder and CEO of Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center, which assists clients with corporate and business strategies for success.

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